Team Building – For Building Peak Performing Teams

“Individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team, a company work, a society work, a civilization work”

                  -Vince Lombardi


Team Building Workshop Outcomes

  • Increased Performance & Competitiveness
  • Develop a comprehensive team building strategy
  • Enhanced Leadership and its Traits
  • Alignment of your Vision with Team’s Vision
  • Enhanced your Professional Skill of Talent Developmental
  • Team Cohesion & Unity
  • Thinking Out of Box
  • Efficient Team Building-High Performance Team
  • Decreased Conflicts
  • Improved Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Increase Commitment, create harmony and share sense of Responsibility

Team Building Workshop Objective

  • Define Change Management
    Through communication strategies, leadership planning and employee involvement organizations can minimize the negative impact of change within their structure.Our programme will elaborate how to successfully deal with the fast pace of change at work.
  • Techniques to Build A High Performance Team
    How motivating a positive attitude, commitment to the team, trust, and communication can lead to phenomenal results.
  • Leading Organizational Change 
    How to develop action plan that will make organization productive and efficient.Learn how to communicate the company’s goals that all employees will understand and be motivated to accomplish.
  • Strategic Planning
    Discover how to structure your planning time to produce maximum results.Learn how to avoid the planning pitfalls that every leader faces.Learn guidelines for keeping the team focused on productive planning.
  • Boosting Employee Morale
    By overcoming obstacles the team‘s morale will soar. Discover how having fun and accomplishing goals can be the best morale booster around.
  • Management Development 
    Discover effective ways to get tasks accomplished through others. Develop your next line of leaders and see what they can accomplish through effective delegation.
  • Resolving Conflict 
    Assess how each team member approaches their work and what that means for reducing conflict and increasing cooperation. Learn a feedback strategy that motivates co-workers to thank you for your insights. Finding productive ways to deal with differences that helps us to move beyond our disagreements.

Team Building Workshop Outline

  • Team Building Definitions and types of team
  • Process to develop a comprehensive team building strategy
  • Define Management objectives for Team Building
  • Team building skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Highlight importance of Team Building to the success of any organization
  • Team Building Theory and its Application
  • Techniques for Building an Effective Team and be an Efficient Team Leader
  • Effect of Team Building on Productivity
  • Understand Cross-Culture Diversity
  • Team Building Techniques and their Outcome

Team Building Workshop Methodology

  1. Case Studies

Case Studies plays a vital role in enriching the in-depth knowledge with real-time examples providing deeper understanding


  1. Industry Speakers

Corporate Mentor helps providing substantial knowledge and corporate outlook


  1. Management Games

These games will provide 360 view of knowledge gained so far in the previous session and also act as an ice breaker


  1. Creative Presentations

Providing a broader view of the concepts explained verbally for better learning and understanding


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