Leadership Development – A Personal Excellence Journey

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then you are a Leader”

      -John Quincy Adams

Leadership Development Workshop Outcome

  • Enrich the participant with multiple Leadership Skills- Team leadership, delegation, communication, conflict management, personal leadership, Descion Making, Strategic Management, ethical leadership, discipline, focus, communications and motivation.
  • Be able to manage change and respond to resistance.
  • Become an Influential leaders who can positively impact organizational culture
  • Inculcate Leadership to Management
  • Fabricate an Achiever’s Mind-set and Positive Outlook
  • Figure out and scrutinise core Management issues and provide possible solution
  • Implement methodology for creating good teamwork and building organizational culture.
  • Build stronger strategic vision and purpose

Leadership Development Workshop Objective

  • Assisting participants in developing their own working definitions of leadership and discussing with them our own working definition of leadership.
  • Identifying and discussing key leadership skills, traits, and styles appropriate for teachers
  • Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Assessing others’ leadership skills and styles – Perception
  • Key attributes of inspiring, motivating, and enrolling others
  • Leadership as goal setting at the organizational level, and taking responsibility for process development and results – Develop
  • Key aspects of mentoring and being mentored by others, including teachers
  • How to apply these leadership strategies, skills, and principles
  • Resource development and “resource capture” as a leadership skill

Leadership Development Workshop Outline

  • Concepts Of Leadership
  • Types Of Leadership
  • Leadership Models
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Character and Traits in Leadership
  • Ethos and Leadership
  • After Action Review (AAR)
  • Leadership Philosophies
  • Leading & Direction
  • Human Behaviour
  • Team Leadership
  • Advanced Leadership Skills


Leadership Development Workshop Methodology


  1. Case Studies

Case Studies plays a vital role in enriching the in-depth knowledge with real-time examples providing deeper understanding


  1. Industry Speakers

Corporate Mentor helps providing substantial knowledge and corporate outlook


  1. Management Games

These games will provide 360 view of knowledge gained so far in the previous session and also act as an ice breaker


  1. Creative Presentations

Providing a broader view of the concepts explained verbally for better learning and understanding


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