Creative Problem Solving – Design Intervention

   “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

                                                                                                                     -Albert Einstein


Creative Problem Solving Workshop Outcome

  • Showcase Innovation in problem solving
  • Participant will be able to solve and deal practically and effectively with crises or difficulties
  • Creative problem solving skills gained during the session will help achieve exceptional performance and outcome.
  • Provide an opportunity to improve work processes or products that fits to the given problem.
  • You will be able to provide new and Innovative solutions to routine and complex problems rather than implementing isolate and repeated solutions
  • Implementation of fundamental approach to solving problems


Creative Problem Solving Workshop Objective

  • Define creative and critical thinking and explain how both contribute to effective problem solving
  • Describe the nature and importance of Creative Thinking
  • Identification of personal problem-solving style preferences and the implications of style for working effectively on problems or to manage change, both individually and as part of a team or group
  • The application of creative and critical thinking


Creative Problem Solving Workshop Outline

  • Descion Making and Problem Solving Techniques
  • Define Innovation and its Perspective
  • Describe the important purposes, tools, and methods for each stage in the Understanding the Problem
  • Describe the important purposes, tools, and methods for the Generating Solution
  • Describe the important purposes, tools, and methods for each stage in the Implementation of Creative Solution
  • Define and explain multiple Creative Thinking Skills
  • Brainstorming Session


Creative Problem Solving Workshop Methodology

  1. Case Studies

Case Studies plays a vital role in enriching the in-depth knowledge with real-time examples providing deeper understanding


  1. Industry Speakers

Corporate Mentor helps providing substantial knowledge and corporate outlook


  1. Management Games

These games will provide 360 view of knowledge gained so far in the previous session and also act as an ice breaker


  1. Creative Presentations

Providing a broader view of the concepts explained verbally for better learning and understanding


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Problem Solving Workshop



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