Dont Ever Quit

Ever wonder why each one of us is looking for comfortable life, comfortable career, comfortable car, comfortable job & comfortable money to lead a comfortable life…. Society, family, social media conditions us to get everything fast, easy….Free….less stress…..instant gratification… And why does society tells you to relax & take less stress because a) they are […]

Live Well

Recently I attended a Hindu cremation. Hinduism, the religion of the Indian Majority! teaches us that that although the physical body dies, the soul is birth less, eternal, imperishable and timeless and is never terminated when the body is terminated. After death, a person’s soul is reincarnated into another life form and it is one’s […]

Get Inspired

I often wonder how to inspire each one of you. To inspire you to be the BEST. Inspire you to have an intense focus on self-development at such crucial time of your life. I was watching a program on Discovery Channel on Grizzly Bear & their survival tactics. That program forced me to think about […]