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Do you know the most important person in your life? Mom? Dad, Spouse? Naa.. it’s you my darling.

What matters in life is you, your happiness and your pleasure. Is that too much to ask for?

Let’s look at few things which you should do for your own sake.

  1. BE SELFISH– Sounds strange?  Well, it did to me as well when I heard it for the first time. But trust you me, it’s never too late to be selfish for yourself. Think about yourself before anyone. There’s no harm in being self-centered, self-absorbed and self-indulgent. By this, you’ll climb the first ladder of happiness.
  2. THINK BIG– Want recognition, fame, and money? The only shortcut is to dream BIG. Unless and until you dream of becoming a CEO you can nowhere reach to the executive manager. Similarly, always think a step forward or the next level goal in order to achieve the immediate goal. Big leads to small and yes vice versa.
  3. TRY TO BUILD A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE– Is it difficult? Not at all folks! It’s just the mind game. Always remember that your THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! One day or the other, whatever you are thinking will come true ultimately. So why not think positive? Another perk of thinking positive is you’ll start enjoying your life.  Things will look more glossy and you’ll create an aura of perfect happiness.
  4. LEARN TO SAY NO– It will automatically solve half of your problems. Trust you me, be blunt, be sharp and be selfish. People in today’s world, are ready to eat you up at any instinct, so why not act? You need not be humble each time you don’t like something.
  5. BE BRUITULLY HONEST TO YOURSELF– Unless and until you will do this, you can go nowhere in your personal life. By this, you will also learn to have straight and clear communications with oneself and others. It will make your life easy, TRY IT!
  6. TALK TO YOURSELF– The only person, you miss talking to! Start having deep conversations with yourself every night, if not every night, at least every week! Trust me, you’ll get to know abundant things about yourself. No one knows you better than you! Also, you will get to know some strange facts about yourself which you might have missed!
  7. KEEP A BUNCH OF RIGHT PEOPLE WITH YOU– Everytime you do something, you are actually influenced by someone – mostly by the ones you are with most of the time- your peers.  If you ever feel that you are not doing wonders in your life, try to change the company around you. Keep totally positive,  passionate and enthusiastic people around you.
  8. BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE– Don’t fake around with people. Always show your true colors.Those who want to be with you, will anyway never leave you. By this, you will not have to pretend what you are not. People will have more clear views about you, and you will automatically have better people in your life.
  9. BUILD YOUR NETWORK– Networking is the key to success these days. If you are not into any groups or network, your chances of meeting influential people get decreased. In this social era, you have to have many connects which will be your reference at some point in time. Go ahead, make a connection each day, by the end of the year you will be having 365 connections which might or might not be useful to you, but you will have them at your back.
  10. COMPETE WITH YOURSELF THAN WITH SOMEONE– Isn’t it better to be better than yourself what you were yesterday than with your peers or society who are today.  The ultimate result should be a finer or a greater you. Your aim should be to achieve your goal. Everyone has different goals if you keep comparing you will end up, nowhere. This can only happen if you improve your competencies on a regular basis.


Sonali Joshi


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