Fear & Doubts- Conquer Them To Achieve Your Potential

……“What if I fail & don’t deliver as per others expectations”


……“I think I am not capable to manage this huge task alone”


……“Should I invest in a property or in gold or in shares?”


……“Should I ask him/her to help me?”


……“Should I invest in training my employees as they might leave the organization?”


Sounds familiar? Have you heard these lines in your mind? Have you heard these lines from your colleagues? Do you often have doubts? Does it stop you from taking next step? Do you feel frustrated that you don’t take decisions very often? Do you regret not taking decisions sometimes? Have you lost deals, money, and friends because you didn’t take decisions?


Our school education systems along with society have failed to develop a curriculum, which teach students/children to cope up with the real challenges they would face in future. Never in any education platform I have heard of training the students on managing the self doubt & fears.


Have you ever wondered what if Arjuna gave into his doubt of not fighting the famous Kurkshetra war. Arjuna was the Kshatriya & it was his duty to fight the war. But when he sat on the chariot & saw both sides, he could only see friends & family members. Everyone was related to him. So a doubt seeps in. However Lord Krishna helped. Who would come & help us?


Doubt with fear can be your dream crushers. They can be powerful enough to push you to stay in your comfort zone. Doubt has killed dreams of millions and defined an imaginary boundary around us, which we don’t cross.


Having worked with some of the most successful people from the industry, I have found some very successful habits & mindsets, which can actually help someone in doubt.

a) Think but not overthink – Forget what others are thinking. Focus on what is the right step. Mind is the complex machines, which can process trillions of information. On an average our mind takes 35000 decisions every day. Therefore all the more reason to trust your mind & take decisions.

b) Course corrects along the way – Take a decision and move forward. You can always take different decisions during your journey. Your experience will help you in taking correct decisions.

c) Embrace your failures – Don’t be afraid to fail. You will learn as much from your failure as you learn from your success. Remember…..forget what others are thinking. Winston Churchill once said that “success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” People who failed miserably are also some of the most successful people like Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and so many more…

d) Achieve Daily – When you have a goal in mind, your efforts will be directed towards achieving your goals. Your mind will be occupied with strategies to conquer your goals. You will become busy & therefore you will have less time to doubt. Set daily goals and achieve them daily. Daily achievements will give you high & will help you see yourself with positive frame. It will also reduce the impact of having doubts in your mind.

e) Be Brutally Honest in choosing people – You must decide who should stay in your life and who shouldn’t. You need to surround yourself with right people. Positive & talented souls help you in uplifting your craft. Have a conversation with them about your doubt. More you talk, more clarity you will get about your self. More conversation will help you get different perspective. Multiple perspectives will widen your thought process, which will definitely help you in removing your doubts.

f) Learn, learn & learn – Learn to remove ignorance. Learn to acquire more knowledge. Learn to acquire new skills. Learn to learn

  • from your juniors
  • from your colleagues
  • from your mentor
  • from an expert.



Learning process will act as fresh supplement to your brain & fill it with positive thoughts. New skills will help you achieve new goals. Achievements always bring sense of confidence along with joy. Confidence will make feel more relaxed & remove doubts & fears.


May You Conquer Your Fear!!!


Nikhil Singh

Think HR India


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