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Recently I attended a Hindu cremation. Hinduism, the religion of the Indian Majority! teaches us that that although the physical body dies, the soul is birth less, eternal, imperishable and timeless and is never terminated when the body is terminated. After death, a person’s soul is reincarnated into another life form and it is one’s Karma, or the consequences of one’s actions that dictate the condition of the deceased’s reincarnation. I was at the cremation with my friend. We had a brief conversation about how we feel whenever we attend funerals, read all the Hindu Shlokas written on the walls & the deep meanings they carry. While driving back, I realized the importance of time in our life. One can never come to know ‘how much’ time we have left with us. While some of us utilize it effectively & some don’t. In our daily race, we ignore the most prudent thing to do i.e. to live our life to the full potential. All of us are born with genius within us. It is just that we don’t utilize all the resources, which lie within us. Although we know what to do, what habits to follow! But we procrastinate & hence we are not able reach our maximum productivity.


We procrastinate:


  • when we see a project as one big task
  • when we worry about failure
  • when we don’t have self control
  • when we don’t make ‘To Do List”
  • when we are lazy


Lets understand that procrastination is something that everyone has to deal with. And there is no way out. To deal with it effectively, we need to acknowledge it first.

Path to our liberation from Procrastination is when we decide to:

a) Understand the importance of Life – become consciously aware of the importance of our life. Remember we take birth in Human form after 8.4 million births in different species.

One life —— to learn, to experiment, to live, to love, to explore your full potential.

b) Set small goals – Commit yourself to achieve these goals. At the end, you would achieve your larger goal. Researchers have found that following goals can help you become disciplined. Benjamin Franklin is known for his keenness on self-improvement. He used to break large goals into small goals. Each day he tracked his progress on a chart.

c) Make the ‘To Do’ list – Make it a night before. Just do it & see the magic.

d) Track our habits to understand oneself– By tracking yourself, you would understand yourself better. You would understand what you like & what you dislike, what work would you procrastinate & what you wouldn’t.

Potential gains cited by numerous researches on tackling procrastination are something that all of us look for in our lives such as


  • having more energy every day
  • focusing better
  • achieving more
  • planning next day more effectively
  • planning for recreational activities
  • taking more holidays
  • managing our finances better


When we don’t procrastinate, we take charge of our life. We improve our self-esteem & confidence. This confidence is the key to achieving our full potential & bring out the best life can offer.

Live till We Live!

Nikhil Singh

Think HR India

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