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I often wonder how to inspire each one of you. To inspire you to be the BEST. Inspire you to have an intense focus on self-development at such crucial time of your life. I was watching a program on Discovery Channel on Grizzly Bear & their survival tactics. That program forced me to think about the food chain & it’s applicability in our life.Nature is competition. Do you think that nature thinks if everyone deserves to win? No! It’s kill or be killed. Similarly the success food chain in our college/corporate life is no different. The strong/skilled/dedicated thrive…the passive other struggle to survive. You may think that you are choosing not to compete but you are still in it regardless. Cry, whine, pout about how it’s not fair..but its irrelevant. You are part of the proverbial food chain of success whether you like it or not. The biggest difference in the success food chain as opposed to nature is you have a chance. In nature you are born a Grizzly Bear or a rodent and that’s that. Deal with it. In the success food chain i.e. in our real life you maybe born rodent but you can become a Grizzly Bear and it does TAKE TIME….But you have the choice.

You can choose to become the Grizzly Bear.

You can choose to find a mentor to shorten your learning curve.

You can choose to have discipline. Read. Read. Read.

You can choose to invest in personal development. Practice. Practice. Practice.

You can choose how to spend your nights & weekends.

You can choose to surround yourself with the right people. People who inspires you that’s why surround yourself with the best of the best people who would like to see you grow.

You can choose to go the extra mile for others & build long lasting relationship.

You can choose to persevere.

You can choose to bring value to Everything & Everyone you come in contact with. (this one is my personal favorite)

You can choose to be enthusiastic.

You can choose to take initiative to do what needs to be done.

You can choose to accept responsibility for yourself, your situation & everything around you.

You can choose TO DO THE WORK.

You can choose success.

You have a choice.

You are in competition whether you asked to be or not.


Ignoring/denying/refusing to acknowledge those facts is the same as choosing to be a rodent.


Be Grizzly Bear in the success food chain & work very very hard in my sessions

Nikhil Singh

Think HR India

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