Everything You Need To Be Successful

All of us are looking for a perfect plan for life. We want the smooth life where we are sailing like a bird. But in real world, is that the reality? The Perfect Plan for life is a myth. If you are living one, check out if have chosen a path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is not the correct path. Everyone takes it & there is a VERY LITLLE reward at the end. In any success journey, you are bound to face ups & down…highs & lows….the punches in the face never stop. Lets understand it’s normal. Because without struggle you won’t grow. Also you need to understand the you are not the special case where only you struggle & everyone else has easy.




You can’t have one without other. Struggle is a KEY INGREDIENT to the success recipe. It’s the Primary Teacher in any success journey.


It teaches you







Mental Toughness


And many other necessary qualities you will need along your journey. So instead of looking for & waiting for the perfect plan with the least amount of struggle (one of the main reason why most people never get started & ultimately regret their lives), realize that the best way to learn is to make mistakes & dance with that thing known as STRUGGLE. Because when its all said & done…..you will be more thankful for that dance you could ever imagine. Quit talking like a looser. Find a mentor/friend. Who can give your straight feedback…blunt feedback & tell you on your face what’s your weakness & how to improve

Start working.

Get out there & write your own success story.


You have everything you need.

Nikhil Singh

Think HR India

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