Dont Ever Quit

Ever wonder why each one of us is looking for comfortable life, comfortable career, comfortable car, comfortable job & comfortable money to lead a comfortable life…. Society, family, social media conditions us to get everything fast, easy….Free….less stress…..instant gratification…
And why does society tells you to relax & take less stress because
a) they are scared that you might feel demotivated if being told that life is difficult
b) they themselves may not be very successful
c) they are not able to reflect ( they might have less IQ)

But here is the deal…you are successful only when you are working very very hard…when you are not worried about day & night….when you are not worried whether you would succeed or not!
No single thing in this life which is AMAZING has been achieved or built without hard work. Whether its building a monument, building a company or even building a software…..any thing which is excellent requires excellence, dedication & loads of hard work.
You only have one option….work hard.
Quit hiding from the pressure
Quit doing procrastination

Quit sleeping

Quit wasting time..days…years

Quit wasting your life & start leading a great life.

Start embracing pressure…love it..bask it….Learn how to put pressure even when it’s not there. Success is a product of necessity…..not of luxury.
One of the biggest factor of lack of success is lack of action. Because you are always waiting that today is not the perfect time to start…today’s opportunity is not the the ideal one…lemme wait for the next golden opportunity & then I will take action.

Quit Waiting….It’s not gonna happen.
No action no results!!
Knock on doors
Bang on doors
Kick down doors

You have limited time on this planet so quit waiting. People won’t notice you. You have to excel so that these people notice you.
Successful people understand that the greatest reward usually lies along the path of most resistance. People who choses the easy path and then cries about the lack of reward at the end of that path.
Finding success means sacrifices…. Being uncomfortable…
Yes expect uncomfortable
Yes expect long days
Yes expect hard work
Yes expect daily maximum efforts
Therefore Quit lying to your self & quit waiting & make that SUCCESS HAPPEN….

Nikhil Singh

Think HR India

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